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We offer the realisation of an alimentary plan which will make you find again fit and wellness in poise and harmony.
If you trust in our experts you will, in a short time, achieve the expected aim, without any effort, improving not only your appearence, but also your mood, finding again a new energy and vitality. Finally you will know the feeding reamed for you, with te mediterranean italian diet, to eliminate completely your problems of overweight.

Our personalised diet is based on a various feeding according to the seasons, a diet with portions tared on individual need. This diet will not make you soffer for hunger but it will teach you how to eat all sort of food, respecting tastes, alimentary allergy, the aims for the health and for the sport. Moreover we offer the possibilty to recieve a personalised diet to preserve fit after the loss of weight. You can choose different kind of diet, in the order form you can specify alimentary needs, allergies, troubles and diagnostic tests.

We can also realise different programs according to personal tastes and habits. You will choose if you want to follow the mediterranean diet or the zone diet or, finally the vegetarian diet.

The Zone is an alimentary method which intends to achieve an optimal state of health in which the organism is in full working order, through the balanced use of food. In the opinion of the american scientist which proposed this method, food must be considered like a medicine, and the body like a metabolic machine in which food we eat, not only gives us energy to live, but also stimulates a balanced hormonal answer for the general wellness of our organism 24 hours a day.

The Zone Diet is based on 40% of carbohydrate, 30% of proteins and 30% of fats of total calories.

1) Each meal is made of all the three macronutriments: carbohydrates or sugars, proteins and fats with the same percentage: 40, 30, 30. 
2) Carbohydrates are taken most of all with fruit and vegetables. 
3) The diet provides for 5 meals a day, divided in: breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks.

The 30% of Zone Dietís unsaturated fats are good for health because bthey reduce the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. The Zone consist in choosing proteic sources with a low contents of saturated fats (white meat, fish, lean cheese, lean yogurt, skimmed milk, soy, etc.) and in using only oliveís oil to cook and to flavour and, only monounsaturated added fats (olives, almonds, peanuts, pistachios, etc.). The Zone is a modern evolution of mediterranean diet. Both methods use foods that we all have on our table. Bread, pasta, rice, etc. can be used, but with moderation. The Zone is born to help cardiopath and diabetic people, but million of people know it for its slimming effect which allow to recover the lost fit, making you feel much better than before.

One of the foundamental aims of our alimentary program is that of burning the exceeding fat contained in the adipose tissue, and take it like a source of energy. Once you reach the ideal percentage of fat mass of 13% for men and 17% for women, , only the monounsaturated fats are increased.

How the personalised diet is elaborated? According to your data: age, weight, height, phisical activity, preferences, allergies, diagnostic tests, we calculate the exact doses of daily macronutriments. Doses are calculated scientifically by our centre of elaboration coordinated by nutritionists with a ten-year experience. All our diets are supported by solid scientific bases and by in-depth and up-to-date studies.

Great novelty ∑ No calculation for the realisation of the blocks provided by the Zone Diet∑ Maximum precision in creating personalised nutritional blocks.∑ Maximum reliability of the programmed blocks

Our programs are composed by 3-4-5 meals according to the personal needs, they donít make you soffer for hunger but they control it, they are varied and personalised on the bases of personal needs. They are regulated for each month according to the aims that the customer wants to achieve.

In fact, who wants to lose only 4-5 kg, can order only one month for $ 25, who wants to lose from 8 to 10-12 kg two months for $ 48, who wants to lose from 13 to 16-17 kg three months for $ 70, who wants to lose from 18 to 20-22 kg four months for $ 90.
The final maintenance diet to make weight stable (is foundamental) for $ 25.

Dedicate five minutes of your time to require the personalised diet, i.n the diet request form.
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